top 6 best  CPU temperature monitor.

The fast and easy way to check your CPU temperature is using the software. Be mindful during installation though! they have many free programs, it tries to install unusual programs unless you uncheck some boxes during setup.
there are lot's of people are have bared for overloading & overheating problems .for this problem I have to post free CPU temperature monitoring software for the windows  

There are much more factors that need to monitoring if we want an accurate report of our CPU’s health and temperature. some factors like CPU load, clock speed, and temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, RAM usage, etc are associated.
now, the normal question arises: What is the best software for monitoring CPU and hardware temperature?
answer: I have listed 8 best free software for monitoring CPU and hardware temperature 

1. HWMonitor

2. AIDA64 Extreme

3. Rainmeter

4. Real Temp

5. SpeedFan

6. CPU Thermometer

there is the best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Software
If you are aware of your computer’s temperature, you can calculate that if it is working fine even when the room environment is hot. Taking data of the CPU temperature step by step is a complex task, but these Free CPU Temperature Monitors will help you to make the work quick and easy.

Let’s start with the list of the 6 Best CPU Temperature Monitor.

1. HWMonitor


HWMonitor is a very user-friendly software for displaying the performance of your computer’s elements. It displays stats like your system’s temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages.

HWMonitor is developed by CPUID, a developer of CPU-Z and PC Wizard. Hence, it is well trusted and safe. This software is used many people for simplicity. It lists all the results on a single window, divided into easy to understand layouts. Somewhat similar to the Device Manager in Windows.

If you want, you can check your motherboard’s temperatures and voltages, processor’s temperatures and voltages, and your GPU’s temperatures and voltages. Also, three sets of values are displayed- the current value, the minimum value, and the maximum value.

The reason it appears on the top CPU Temperature Monitor is that, despite providing us great performance and features, it is completely free to use.

Other than these, if you just want a simple and well-equipped CPU Temp Monitor, HWMonitor will become your favorite.

Download HWMonitor from here.

2. AIDA64 Extreme

 AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is a comprehensive system analyzer and benchmark tool. It includes some powerful features, most importantly advanced CPU monitoring. Along with these, you can also check your RAM and GPU performance, and possible spikes and issues. 
This software provides a very intuitive interface, and hence very much easy to understand even for casual users. 
You may find it similar to Microsoft Console Management.  Some other features of AIDA64 Extreme are, you can consult a large number of activity indicators, and you can stress test all your components in a large variety of combinations.

Download AIDA64 Extreme Free version from here, or Buy the Full version from here.

3. Rainmeter


Rainmeter is different than any other software on this list. Simply because it is not a specific program for measuring system’s performance, but a free utility for customizing your desktop. Rainmeter works similarly to Gadgets, except it features way more options.

Rainmeter shows various types of data on your Desktop, including time, date, weather, but also CPU and RAM usage, temperatures, disks usage, and more. It is powered by skins, which you can download all over the internet. Each skin provides some piece of info that might be useful to you. When you install Rainmeter, it will use its default skin, which only shows CPU and RAM usage. However, you can make it more versatile and powerful by installing other skins.

Rainmeter is available for free, and you can download it from this link.

4. Real Temp

Real Temp is a free CPU Temperature Monitoring tool developed especially for Intel’s processors. If your computer is running on some other processor, you should look for other options presented in this post.

Real Temp is fully compatible with single core, dual core, quad core, i5, and i7 Intel processors. It displays the temperature of the CPU in real time. Additionally, it also displays the minimum and maximum temperatures of your processor, since the time you turned on your computer. The program also provides features like setting up an alarm for high temperature, which eliminates the risk of overheating. It is a portable program, and you don’t need to install it, just run it, and start monitoring your CPU’s mood. Its simplicity and features gained it a spot in our list of 6 Best CPU Temperature Monitor.

Download Real Temp from here.

5. SpeedFan

Speedfan is the most popular software .this program is even older than the classic Windows XP. speed fan still the most reliable software to measure the temperature of your CPU. Along with the ability to monitor CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltage, you can also control the fan speed, in case it runs slow or noisy.

You can even set up a warning if the temperature is high, or initiate an action that will send an email or run a program. You should try this amazing program yourself to experience “Old is Gold.”

Download Speedfan from here.

6. CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer

CPU thermal meter is the minimalistic program, you’d love using CPU Thermometer. The reason it appears on this list of Best CPU Temp Monitors is that it only does what it says.
It is user-friendly and easy to use, as it only shows CPU temp and the current CPU load of each core. It may lack some advanced features but it is very good for the basic task, which is measuring the temperature of the CPU. The only customization option has the ability to change value metrics between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

CPU Thermometer shows you to the current temperature as a tray icon in the taskbar You don’t have to deal with anything complex.

Try it yourself. Download from here.


Monitoring the CPU ’s the temperature is essential and very useful. These were the best CPU Temperature Monitor programs for Windows 10, 8 and 7. You can suggest some more of these in the Comments section, or if you have any doubt about anything in this post, you can ask me freely. Hope you liked the list.